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The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a membership driven organization committed to fostering economic vitality in our communities by creating public private partnerships and expanding educational opportunities through our service area. Representing  businesses across Lackawanna, lower Susquehanna and Western Wayne Counties. We proudly serve members from a variety of industries and professions. We are an important resource to our members for advocacy, information, and marketing exposure.

Chamber Members receive an assortment of opportunities to grow and develop their business via our Member to Member Discount Program, exclusive marketing and promotion incentives. Other valuable offers include access to discounted group insurance rates, energy pools, low cost advertising and sponsorship. We encourage you to support our locally owned and operated businesses.  

Would you like to become a part of an exciting team committed to developing your community? It could be the community in which you live or your business community. The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce is here to serve you and your needs, and in honoring the integrity of that commitment, we will impact this community, which will impact this region.

There are many growth and development opportunities for you and your business as a member of this chamber.

Working together is the integrity of community... thus paving the way for success. Consider your membership an investment. An investment in the over-all good being generated by the people working together for the bigger picture. If the community wins, you win, everybody wins. Will you be a partner investing in a better community and region?

The Greater Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, we're here for you!





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September 15th and Semptember 22nd
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Anthracite Hotel and KOL Restaurant MUSIC SERIES
Summer Concert Series - ALL SUMMER LONG!!!
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Welcome New Member Subway of Carbondale
Welcome new Member Subway of Carbondale!

Welcome New Member FIXIT SHOP
Welcome New Member FIXIT SHOP